Control Descriptions

Control Descriptions are a list of the features at which each control is located on your course.

At Minor events including Summer Series, Local Street and Park Events, and Come and Try It (CATI) Events, the control descriptions are usually written in English. At MetrO League events, symbols may be used for Orange and Red course (moderate and hard course) control descriptions.

At Major Events including State League Events and State and National Championships, the control descriptions on Orange and Red courses are required to be in the form of symbols.

A guide to orienteering control descriptions and the symbols commonly used in Australia is available here.

Control descriptions for Green and Blue courses (easy and very easy courses) should always be in English rather than symbols even at State League and National events.

For Event Planners and Controllers

Where required, control description symbols used in Australia should be in accordance with the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Control Descriptions. Planners and Controllers for Major events should check the latest version of the International Control Description Symbols which may be found on the Rules and Guidelines page of the IOF website.