Competition Rules

The Competition Rules for NSW orienteering events may be found in the Association Manual. Specific rules given in Section 4 apply to the organisation and conduct of the following events:

  • NSW Long Championships
  • NSW Night Championships
  • NSW Relay Championships
  • NSW Schools Championships
  • NSW Middle Championships
  • Queens Birthday 3 Days (QBIII)
  • NSW Sprint Championships
  • State League Events
  • Metropolitan O League

The Competition Rules for Orienteering Australia Foot Orienteering Events form part of the Orienteering Australia (OA) Operational Manual and apply to the following National events:

  • Australian Championships, including Long, Middle and Sprint distances and Australian Relay Championships
  • Australian 3 Days
  • National Orienteering League events
  • Australian Schools Championships (Individual and Relay)
  • State Championships, including Long, Middle and Sprint distances
  • Badge Events

Additional guidelines for National Orienteering League Events are given in OA Operational Manual 5.2.  Sections 1-6 (200kb) and Sections 1-7 (2.6Mb) may be downloaded from the OA website.

International Orienteering Federation (IOF) rules apply to World Championship events (including Juniors and Masters), World Cup events, World Games and IOF Ranking events. See the Rules and Guidelines page of the IOF Website for the latest version of the IOF rules for Foot Orienteering events.