Services for Schools

The Association provides a variety of services for the introduction of orienteering in primary and secondary schools.

Services include:

  • Organisation of orienteering events at schools or suitable nearby areas;
  • Professionally prepared orienteering maps of schools or suitable nearby area;
  • Teacher training, including Level 0 coaching courses;
  • Assistance to schools who wish to establish orienteering as a school sport and/or conduct their own orienteering programs; and
  • supply of coaches to conduct orienteering as part of the Active After-school Communities program.

Activities are tailored to the ages of students, the school grounds or park to be used and particular objectives for the session(s). 

The Association is also able to offer schools a discounted package that includes mapping of the school, training of teachers and development of a tailored program.  

Please contact Ian Jessup directly on 0416040135 or email him on with all enquiries as we would love to help your school get into orienteering. 

School Orienteering Booking Form

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