Sydney Southern Series   Sydney Southern Series 2011


 #  Date  Map Club  Start Location / Notes  Suburb Organiser
 1  1 Nov  The Canals  GO 
Picken Oval, Hampton Street
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 Croydon Park 
Jai di Tommaso
0423 533 383
 2  8 Nov  Hungry Point IK 
Gunnamatta Park, Nicholson Parade
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Sue Froude
0431 930 949
 3  15 Nov  The Coast Walk  BN 
Clovelly Bay Park, Donnellan Court
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Joel Putman
0404 999 156
 4  22 Nov  Scarborough Park  IK 
Scarborough Park, Hawthorne Street
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Peter Shepherd
0419 610 797
 5  29 Nov  The Warren  UR 
Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Avenue
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 Wolli Creek 
Dave Lotty
9569 2380

 Starts from 4.30pm to 7.00pm  —  45 minute score course  —  SportIdent timing will be used at all events

Bumper turnout for final Southern Series event

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dave Lotty is a man of many talents having not only produced the new map 'The Warren' for the last in the Southern Series but also setting the course and organising the event.  His efforts were much appreciated with the largest turnout of runners to date for the new series, a number of whom were coming along to try the sport for the first time. 

High point scores were available on this interesting map, which has large areas of flat runnable parkland, as well as some bush terrain and the street areas.  Steve Ryan of Garingal took first place with 530 points, closely followed by Sue Davis, Southern Highlands and Daniel Smith of Western & Hills who both scored 520.

More Watergate than Ramsgate at Southern Series #4

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

IKN may have wondered why the Southern Series didn't have 'Summer' in the title.  Well, yesterday with the second event they had staged for the series, the rain gave them their answer.  More spring-like than summer weather, heavy rain kept many away from what was a very enjoyable course around the pretty suburbs of Ramsgate and Brighton-le-Sands. 

Flat and fast, there was plenty of opportunity for point scoring, and some really entertaining route choices. One set of controls in particular across some open playing fields meant getting all of the points would have produced a route that looked like basketweave.  IKN planner, Peter Shepherd, is a man who knows how to tempt the foolish to just get that one last control before heading back. Only five strong minded individuals in the entire field managed to resist and get back in the 45 minutes. 

Steve Ryan was the clear winner with 570 points.

Heavenly Clovelly, Fiendish Hills

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blue skies, warm temperatures, and gentle breezes to cool the steamy runner made for great running conditions in the most beautiful spot for an urban race, in a city of beautiful spots!  Joel Putnam had organised a testing course where nearly every leg had route choice. Major hills made early careful planning really important because as the 45 minutes ticked away, the lungs started to burn and the brain work began to fade.  Changing a route choice mid-race on this course would have been really punishing as those pesky little contours were just waiting to catch out the unwary orienteer.  Steve Ryan, winner of last week's Pymble Putter, was victorious at Clovelly followed closely by Michael Burton.  Results in the form of controls visited can be found here. Next Southern Series event is Tuesday 22 November at Scarborough Park at Ramsgate. 

What a difference a day makes!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Torrential rain, a thunderstorm so loud ear defenders were needed and water ankle deep at the finish greeted orienteers at the Southern Summer Series at Cronulla on Tuesday.  Not surprisingly numbers were down as were all the traffic lights after lightning hit the grid, but as with the traffic, there was progress to be made for the patient and determined. Some finished their runs early but there was no escaping a drenching whether the course was completed or not.  Top score for the day was 330 for ONSW President Paul Prudhoe. 

On Wednesday the Sydney Summer Series in Pymble was 34 degrees with high humidity.  Undeterred nearly 200 runners came for the challenge.  With steep hills and such hot temperatures, runners were grateful for the water the organisers had laid on at the end.  Plenty of runners were caught out by the impact of the weather and challenging terrain arriving back late and sacrificing hard earned points.  Special mention must be made of Glen Horrocks, who doggedly chased down every control regardless of the time penalties.  Top net score for the 'Pymble Putter' was Steve Ryan's 420.